MSCC meetup – 3 July 2013

July 3, 2013
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Today I attended my second MSCC (Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community) meetup. With the bus being slow on the road I got late. Meetup was supposed to start at 08h45 and I think I reached some time around 09h30.

When I reached Mugg & Bean I started looking here and there for other members and it’s then that Jochen waived at me. They were on the upper floor, Jochen, Nitin and Simon. Nitin had brought his laptop and they were already discussing about some features regarding his project. I greeted everyone and took a seat. I tried figuring what I missed.

I then took out my Kindle, connected the wifi and ordered a cappuccino.

We continued discussing things and it revolved a lot around Nitin’s project. We took it as example and Simon elaborated on the ways to set up cookie sessions in PHP, password masks in HTML and password encryption on the database side. We also discussed ways to test the application’s vulnerabilities using tools like tcpdump and wireshark.

At around 10h30 Simon had to leave and it’s at that moment Natasha came (she woke up late).

Afterwards we discussed a bit about features available on the website and issues that I was having with Trello. Jochen elaborated on sponsorship programs by O’Reilly and Pluralsight. They sound great. There’s a lot in our benefit.

At 11h05 Natasha left for work.

Jochen explained the importance of clean code. He showed us examples that I’m sure we would not have learned in traditional programming classes. The clean code topic was something really interesting and I took some notes. I learned things that I can implement within Project Evil Genius.

We left around noon. For my second meetup I see a bright future ahead for MSCC.

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