November 23, 2018
Hacktoberfest MSCC Development LSL Digital Mauritius

Hacktoberfest, this year, was an initiative by Humeira Diljore1, who is running the Mauritius chapter of VueVixens.

Photo courtesy, Arwin Neil Baichoo.

I didn’t catch up with the discussions about the Hacktoberfest planning that was happening on a Messenger group, but I knew fellow geeks were all excited about it. Folks at Extension Interactive provided a meeting room at their premises to hold the presentations and there were provisions for goodies sharing; stickers, pens and notebooks.

See, there was even a pizza sharing moment.

I had a presentation scheduled that day too and my topic was “Open Source Software Licenses”. Having other stuff to do on my list, I shamelessly arrived there late while my colleagues from LSL Digital were explaining about the Gocipe2 project.

I didn’t prepare any slide. I presented the topic in a free-style manner with only a GNU image loaded in the background. I led the room to interact and discuss about the definition of an open source software. The core defining element of an open source software is its license. We then discussed the recent change in software license3 by Redis Labs and how that may disrupt the cloud industry if others follow that trend.

We talked about the Commons Clause, a simple addition that could change an open source software into a lesser open one.

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