website compromised?

December 7, 2017
linux wordpress security

The fifth season of History’s show Vikings premiered1 last week. I am subscribed to Netflix and unfortunately it’s scheduled for December. Even worse perhaps it won’t be available on Netflix Mauritius. Meanwhile the internet is full of spoilers about the “delights” of the 2 hours long premiere (episodes 1 & 2).

Funny thing is that while searching about Vikings on the internet something peculiar appeared in Google search results. website in Vikings search results

Indeed, the website has a post entry about Vikings for all the wrong reasons. I’ll let you guess. website compromised

The obvious question is, has the Linux Foundation’s website been compromised, hacked or has someone simply been mischievous “messing up” their WordPress setup? 🤔

At this point I do not know whether I should just sigh and move on or should I have deep thoughts for the sysadmins rushing to clean up the mess once it reaches their ears?

  1. ‘Vikings’ Season 5 Premiere Review: These Violent Delights [return]

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